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Jayant  an ex-HCLite with couple of decades experience in Technology mainly in Architecting, designing and developing solutions for business challenges in Banking and Financial industry.
Jayant is on Dialysis since 13+ years and has discovered a lifestyle to be active. His learnings on managing the diet and exercise leading to active lifestyle has been an example and inspiration to many.
He is mainly looking at utilizing technical and corporate experience to solve the problems of social sector. He is very passionate about mentoring people to discover their own potential.


Govind an ex-HCLite is a Mathematics graduate from University of Madras. He has worked with different reputed banks close to 12 years and later joined IT as a domain architect for close to 15 years.
Govind is a Managing Partner for krishnafortoday. His friends knows him as an encyclopedia of Temples.
He has been involved in social work in the areas of restoration of ancient temples and in feeding the poor/orphans for almost two decades now. Have also been actively engaged in teaching children in the neighborhood about our heritage. He is a keen animal lover who helps stray and ill animals in the streets.


Vasudevan is an  ex-HCLite with experience of working for various MNCs like Swiss Bank's and Deutsche Bank. Later, he ventured in business by floating his own company in the area of ERP for school Management with a customer base of 600+ schools and colleges across India.
He is instrumental in carving out CSR partnership for Mythri Sarva Seva Samithi in the areas of Environment, Climate Smart Agriculture for Farmers.
He is very much interested in analysis of ancient civilization & languages in Gulf & Asian Countries.


Purushotham is a postgraduate in Technology specializing in Thermal Power. Published 5 international journal papers on biodiesel, thermal issues and fins. Guided a team of students for state level exhibition- a pesticide spraying machine, Guided a team of students to build a universal sowing machine for msme funded project. Purushotham has also completed various certifications in Integrated Farming, Sustainable Farming and Bee Management. He loves nature and passionate on various activities under Environment Sustainability.

Agricultural Gardens

India is one of the fastest growing economies. But at the same time, we rank 117th in SDG and 129th in HDI at global level. While we work on creating a direct impact on Environment, Climate smart agriculture and Innovation in Education, our vision is to work with ground level NGOs creating impact on social indicators so that the economic and social divide improves upon.


Our immediate objective is to enable 100 farmers to implement climate smart agricultural best practices, 100 schools with Vidya Vriksha and 25 Colleges promoting innovation. The long term objective is to equip the Social Development ecosystem stakeholders with discovery of projects and engagement resulting in a positive impact on social indicators.

Mr. Innovator

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